9th Airborne Brigade VDV

Indianola, IA Reenacting site

Eastern Front Tactical:  Indianola, IA 

Indianola, IA Reenacting site

Eastern Front Tactical:  Indianola, IA 

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The scenario will be set in the East Prussia / Poland region in early 1945.
The event is EASTERN FRONT only.  Abosolutely no western front impressions allowed.
Heer (German Army)and Volkstrum are Invite Only. Please get approval from axis contact prior to arrival.
SS is open to all SS Reenactors
Soviet is open to RKKA impressions which are appropriate to this time period and location. Partisans(pro & anti-communist) are welcome and encouraged to attend but need to get approval from Soviet contact first.
Other impressions most be cleared by the event coordinators prior to the event.  Don't just show up and expect to play.  We will turn folks with improper impressions away.
Pre-registration of troop numbers is requested by February 23.  Either unit or individual. All unit commanders need to pass along troop numbers to the appropriate contact by no later than February 23.  Axis/Volkstrum contact Dave Ruffcorn.( turbo-we4@juno.com) Soviet/Partisan contact Robert Leinweber (rkl@casscomm.com)
Dave Ruffcorn – (515) 262-2116
Rob Leinweber – (309) 562 - 7664

Battle fee is $15 and covers the Saturday hot meal being planned and other costs associated with hosting the event.  Extra money raised will be donated to improve the bunker site. 



  Indianola Hotel & Motel List

Hotel Warren
113 East Salem Avenue, Indianola, IA 50125
(515) 961-2561 
Woods Motel & Rv Park
906 South Jefferson Way, Indianola, IA 50125
(515) 961-5311

Super 8 Motel
1701 North Jefferson Way, Indianola, IA 50125
(515) 961-0058  

Apple Tree Inn
Highway 65-69, Indianola, IA 50125
(515) 961-0551




Indianola Site & Directions

 The event site is approximately 3 miles south of the town of Indianola, Iowa.  It is directly off of Highway 65/69, on the east side of the road.

 At the property there is a home and work shed surrounded by junk cars.  The parking area is around the shed.

     The site address is 14271 Hwy 65/69, Indianola, Iowa for those who want to plug it into mapquest or yahoo maps to get directions.


The event site is right off of Highway 65/69.  No gravel roads to navigate.  Indianola is north of the site and has plenty of Hotels, Stores and Restaurants.

Just remember the event site in on the east side of the highway.  We will try to have the signs out early and hopefully the locals will not remove them like last time, nor the wind blow them over.  LOL




Partisan Guidelines


This event will be a little different than what many folks are accustom to when it comes to tactical simulations. Unlike other Eastern Front events where there are normally only two combat elements in the field (German & Russian) there will be three elements in the field at this event. The third element will be a Partisan force which may consist of men and or women. This will be more than just an OPFOR impression. This is to be an honest attempt to put a face on a group of people who were in the fight but from behind the lines.
The formation of a Partisan force will result in several positive changes in East Front re-enacting. First, it will add numbers to the Soviet side to help offset the normal problem of greater German troop numbers. Second, it will give folks a chance to assemble a very inexpensive impression to take part in Ostfront Events. Third, it will add an element to the events where the Germans as well as the Russians  will have to deal not only with combat elements but also with quasi-civilian or para-military elements which can appear anywhere or anytime. In general it will be a nice addition to the hobby which is historically correct as well as affordable.

The Partisan force will be more than just another combat element in the tactical. This force will be afforded the opportunity to be treated as either a non-combat (civilian) or a combat element depending on how the Partisan force presents itself to those around them. The Germans will have to deal with this third element based upon how the Partisans are dressed and what the Partisans are engaged in at the time of contact. For example: if the Partisans are in only civilian dress and have no weapons and are just walking along or engaged in a domestic task then the Germans should not blast them at first sight. The Germans are free to stop and question them, search them and ask for identification and if they feel it necessary they can detain them for interrogation. There must be some just cause for this action. On the other hand if the Germans see a Partisan who is armed or is engaged in sabotage then all bets are off and let the bullets fly.

Historically Partisans took part in sabotage and did not normally get involved in a major fight with German forces since the Partisans were normally outgunned and outnumbered. Activities such as cutting communication lines, blowing bridges, blowing rail lines, ambushes and general disruption of rear areas was what they were best at.  So that is what may be their objective during this tactical simulation. Some Partisan forces operated completely independent of the Soviet Army and others received guidance via radio or written messages or in some cases Soviet troops were sent in to help lead them and show them what to do to be most effective.

The gathering of intelligence will be a very important part of the Partisans world. Causing as much chaos behind German lines will be an even bigger part of their world. Staying alive and driving the German invaders from their homeland is the ultimate goal. Revenge is nice too.

Links to photos of Partisan forces have been provided as part of this set of guidelines. These photos show you exactly what our Partisan forces should look like.

It may be a good idea for folks who are interested in portraying a Partisan should submit a photo of themselves in their complete Partisan kit. This will leave no doubt as to whether it is acceptable or not.

An important thing to remember when assembling a Partisan impression is: A Partisan is suppose to blend into the local population. Being able to do this aids your survival. The more military looking you are the greater the chances of getting stopped and questioned. Look as civilian as possible!


Some vendors of new “newsboy” hats:


It appears that the most common type of general head gear is what is often referred to as a “newsboy” “newsie” “cabbie” and are a hat made out of various materials with multi panels(6 - 8) with a visor on it. There is also another type by that name which is different and is not made of multi panels. Please avoid this style. Stick with the multi-panel version. In winter you will also see the use of ushankas, balaclavas etc. These should be of period materials and design. The “Newsboy” hats are easy to find new and used and are inexpensive. This type of hat is what truly adds to the Partisan look.  I bought mine at Walmart for $6.00.

The most common type of shirt appears to be a pullover design sometimes similar to the military tunic and sometimes referred to as a peasant style shirt. However, you do see a lot of the standard dress shirt style with button fronts. Shirts should be of period materials and design. These too are easy to find either new or at second hand shops very cheap.

A variety of jackets appear in photos of the civilian population and Partisans. The most common type appears to be that of a suit coat style in a variety of colors, styles and materials. These are easy to find at very cheap prices at second hand shops and thrift stores. Since it is winter and it may be cold I would suggest a good wool suit coat. Should be of period materials and design.

It appears that the most common types of pants seen in photos of civilians and Partisans are either the standard civilian dress trouser pattern dating from the mid 1800’s or the sharovari style of trousers which are tucked into tall boots. They should be of period materials and design. Since it is winter wool may be a good idea.

There were a variety of shoe styles in use at that time but it appears that the type which seems to appear most in photos are tall boots(jack boots). However, low boots and shoes are seen as well. Low boots and shoes are easy to find both new and used at second hand shops. Tall boots of military style and origin will be fine as well.

Everything from padded jackets to heavy overcoats can be seen on civilians and Partisans. The type of coat must mimic a style in use in the region during the period being portrayed and of period materials. You can wear military coats of either German, Soviet or Polish military design of WWII but remember that the more military you look the greater your chances of being stopped for questioning.

Partisan units appear to have used whatever was available to them. The soviet army did try to get supplies to Partisans when possible. So this gives a fairly wide assortment of weapons to use. For this event we will limit weaponry to those used by the Soviet, German and Polish military units of the period being portrayed. Some civilian weapons of Polish, German or Soviet design may be used but will have to be cleared for use on a case by case basis prior to the event. No G.I. weapons! There is some indication that some British weapons may have made it to the Polish Partisans but for now we will avoid it.

This area is similar to the weapons issue. So as long as it is German, Soviet or Polish it will be acceptable. Civilian items of the region and of the period are also acceptable.